Asphalt and Slate



Asphalt shingles roofs are a type of roof that is comprised of shingles made from asphalt. Asphalt is a material that is made up of a mixture of gravel or sand with dark pitch. Asphalt shingles roofs are popular due to their simple installation and their inexpensive initial cost. The majority of asphalt shingles nowadays are made from a reinforced fiberglass mat that is covered with ceramic granules and adhesive asphalt.

Depending on the weight and type of asphalt shingles used in your roof, the roof's condition can last from 30 years to a lifetime. If you're looking to have your asphalt shingles roof last a lifetime, then you will want the premium asphalt shingles which are more wind resistant and generally heavier than standard asphalt shingles. The warranty provided by the manufacturer for asphalt shingles can last between 20 years to a lifetime depending on the type of shingle and the manufacturer.

Ultimately, regardless of what asphalt shingle product you choose, the installation process we use at On Top Roofing will meet all the necessary guidelines to handle severe weather conditions. You will always receive a quality product and have a quality job done when you partner up with On Top Roofing. In addition to asphalt shingles roof installation, we also do asphalt shingles roof repairs. Should you have any questions about asphalt shingles roofs or want to see what shingles we have available, please contact us today and make the necessary arrangements.


We install a variety of real and specially engineered composite slate shingles. Some of the products that we install are the Symphony Slate by Certainteed, Davinci Slate and Shake, Tamko Lamorite, Ecostar, and Inspire.

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