Roof Repairs


heat cable

From our years of experience dealing with winter ice damns and leakage, we have come up with great solutions to continue the flow of melting snow away from your home. One effective solution for these problems is heat cable. In addition to a commercial grade self regulated 120 and 240 volt Raychem or Techni-Trace heat cable, we custom design a pattern and layout of the cable to most effectively address the problem. We also arrange for a licensed electrician to power up the heat cable system for you. Another solution for winter ice damns and leakage are Heatizon snow melt systems. We install Heatizon systems which go underneath shingle and metal roofs.


snow and ice removal

In the winter, our team of trained repair technicians provide snow and ice removal services 7 days a week. They will tackle any type of snow removal problem, regardless of difficulty or weather conditions. Having a roofer who is insured to be on your roof protects you against liability issues. Our knowledge of roofing systems also decreases the possibility of damage to your roof while removing your ice and snow. We aim to respond immediately to your leaking issues.


rain gutters

We offer seamless gutters in a wide variety of material and profiles. Our gutters are heavy gauge steel, aluminum, or copper to meet the challenges of the weather in our area. Gutters should be installed with the expectation that they will be worry and maintenance free for many years.  This can only be achieved with a durable product and the correct installation processes.  All of our gutter systems can be designed and installed to provide this result.

Our unique gutters are available in continuous length unlike others that have to be shipped in and installed in specified lengths. We offer miters that are hand cut and soldered or sealed. We also provide a wide variety of gutter hanger solutions that very from a clean economical install to a custom ornate effect.  All choices, however; result in a durable, long lasting, weather tight system.


all types of repairs

On Top Roofing provides a full service roofing repair division in the Park City and surrounding areas. Our repair team of skilled technicians provides a wide range of repair services with a quick turn around and precise leak detection. Our technicians are on call and available to respond to your calls 7 days a week. We aim to respond to calls within 24 hrs at the latest. We will troubleshoot your problem and dispatch a qualified repair specialist to remedy it. In the winter, we also provide snow and ice removal when leakage occurs from ice damns.

In addition to emergency repairs, On Top Roofing offers a wide variety of other roofing solutions and enhancements including:

skylights, snow retention, snow/ice eave slip sheets, attic/soffet ventilation, shingle replacement, insurance work, inspections, cedar shake maintenance and conditioning, all types of heat cable, gutter and all other roof related issues.