How To Get Your Roof Fixed

Roof repairs are a necessary part of homeownership. They aren’t the most glamorous or fun aspect of owning a home but just like good nutrition is necessary to living a long, healthy life, roof repairs are necessary to ensure that your home is functioning properly. This is a beginners guide to roof repairs.

An Ice Dam Being Removed Off Of A Deer Valley Home.

An Ice Dam Being Removed Off Of A Deer Valley Home.


A roof leak should always be addressed and repaired immediately but it is also very wise to take immediate action with loose or missing shingles. Being proactive with replacing and repairing shingles can help prevent leaks and water damage before it starts.

A homeowner can decide to get on their roof and inspect it on their own, but having a professional roofer inspect a home is always recommended. Not only could they catch something that most homeowners would miss, like improper installation of flashing, but they will also ensure that you stay safe and off the roof.

What’s involved

The first step in getting a leak repaired is to identify the source of the leak. Most roofs leak at penetration points.

Penetration points are common in roofs and are caused by satellite dishes, pipes, pipe covers, etc. Other common areas that cause leaks are valleys(where two roof pitches meet), chimneys, flashing details, and skylights.

Your roofer will get on your roof and likely into your attic depending on the type and severity of the damage causing the leak.

Once the source and the damage has been assessed, your roofing specialist will have a conversation with you to let you know what they have discovered.

If the water damage is severe, a general contractor might be needed to be hired to fix additional damages that the roofer isn’t specialized in fixing.

If the problem consist of just a few blown off shingles, the repair would just require that the shingles in the problem area be replaced. If the conclusion is that your roof is damaged due to age or improper installation, a reroof might be suggested.

A reroof will also likely be suggested if the problem zone makes up a big portion of the entire roof.

Things to consider with Mountain Roofs.

Our homes are nestled into the mountains which make Park City and the surrounding areas amazing places to call home. Living at high elevations and on mountains though, means that the weather is more severe and that roof damage can occur more frequently.

The biggest causes of roofing issues in mountain towns are snow and cold temperatures. The mountain climate puts extra stress on roofs that most roofing companies don’t account for.

The climate has such a drastic impact that what is considered a 25 year roof in most locations, might only last 15 years in the mountains. Because of this, ensuring that you get a properly design mountain roof is essential.

Many times, the manufactures installation guidelines need to be exceeded to ensure that a roof can withstand the weather.

For any repairs that are being done, ask you roofing contractor about the integrity of the underlayment.

Metal Roof Leaks

Metal roofs are the best option for our demanding mountain climate. Properly installed Metal roofs have no exposed fasteners and are designed to last for 50 years(read more about our mechanically seamed metal roofs here). If your metal roof is leaking, it’s likely being caused by improper installation.

Improper installation of metal roofs can show up in many forms including: not having enough ice and water shield under valleys, having exposed fasteners that aren’t properly sealed, improper flashing, and unsealed pipe covers. If your metal roof is leaking call the original installer and have them assess the damage. A metal roof can only leak if there is a hole in the metal.

A Mechanically Seamed metal Roof installed by On Top Roofing.

A Mechanically Seamed metal Roof installed by On Top Roofing.

What if I’m not ready for a new roof?

It can be frustrating to find out that your home requires a new roof. For many homeowners, it is a natural reaction to try and push back replacing your homes roof for as long as possible. This usually ends in more headaches and problems than getting the roof replaced when it is recommended. A faulty roof can cause serious damage to the inside of your home which could end up costing you thousands of dollars in additional damages, over and above the cost of a new roof.

Who To Hire: A Roofing Contractor

Cost: Cost will vary depending on the damage but most companies have a minimum service call fee of around $250.

When to fix: All leaks should be fixed immediately. If it is discovered that a reroof is needed, a temporary fix can be installed and your roofing contractor will schedule you for the soonest available time.

How to Start: Identify the leak inside your house and put down a bucket. After identifying a leak, call a roofing contractor.


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