4 Benefits of Heat Cable In Park City


Every year we install thousands of feet of heat cable on Park City homes. Heat cable is one of the most common products used in Park City, and with good reason.

Heat cable allows homeowners to solve many snow related issues that we face in our beautiful mountain town quickly, and without any major construction .

Let’s take a look at the top 3 benefits of heat cable for Park City homeowners.

Benefits Of Heat Cable In Park City

1. Heat Cable Keeps You Safe

If your home has walking paths that are underneath roof sections or dormers, heat cable could be the difference between someone getting seriously injured and staying safe.

Snow can unexpectedly sheet off of these areas and can push hundreds of pounds of ice and snow on top of someone.

Last year there was an unfortunate accident where snow sheeted off the edge of a roof and killed a man in Park City.

Staying safe is the single most important reason to consider getting heat cable on your home. 

2. Heat Cable Prevents Ice Dams

Heat cable is one of the most effective solutions for solving ice dam problems.

Heat cable is attached to the eaves, valleys, and gutters of your home that are susceptible to ice dams and heavy snow build up.

When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the heat cable automatically begins to heat up to prevent ice from forming.

Because the edges of your roof are heated, the melted snow from above your living area never gets a chance to freeze on the edge of your roof.

3. You Only Need To Target Problem Areas

One of the biggest benefits of heat cable is that it allows you to only target problem areas on your home.

Most homes will only have a few problem areas on a roof and don’t need major work done.

By installing heat cable in only problem areas, you can reduce the cost of fixing your ice dam problem.

4. Heat Cable Extends Your Roof's Life.

When water thaws and freezes over and over, it can find it’s way behind shingles and into small cracks.

As water freezes, it expands and can turn a small crack in a shingle into a serious leak area.

Additionally, as ice dams build and slide off of a roof, shingles are usually torn off in the process, leaving a vulnerability in your roof system.

By having these areas covered with heat cable, you never have to worry about ice dams that will decrease your roofs lifespan.

Randy Jimenez