4 Dangers of A Leaking Roof in Park City


From a roofing perspective, Park City is unique because of its location and climate. With winters lasting roughly six months and snowfall averaging 400 inches, living in Park City poses unique roofing challenges.

Roof failures and leaks are common in Park City due to improperly installed roofs, wrong material choices, and accelerated roof wear caused by snow and ice.

Roof leaks can range from small drips to major water leaks. Roof leaks might not seem like a huge issue, but they can end up causing severe problems for homeowners.

Let's take a look at five danger of roof leaks in Park City.

1. Attic and ceiling damage

The most prominent type of damage that can occur because of a roof leak is attic and ceiling damage. Water that penetrates beyond the protective layers of a roof can seep into the wood and drywall of an attic or ceiling and begin to degrade the integrity of the materials.

Roof leaks that aren't fixed can result in wood rot that puts the structural integrity of a home's roof at serious risk of a major failure or even collapse.

Not taking care of a roof leak can result in much more damage and higher repair costs.

2. Interior mold and mildew issues

If water begins to enter your house through a roof leak and the leak isn't fixed, it can lead to mold and mildew growing in your ceiling or attic. Mold and mildew can cause serious illness and health problems for people and can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in home damage.

Severe mold and mildew require extensive construction work to eliminate the problem and will often require new drywall and possible new wood to be installed.

3. Compromised structural integrity

One of the more server consequences of a leaking roof is structural damage. Roof leaks can lead to structural damage on your home if not treated.

As water seeps into trusses, it can cause wood rot that puts the integrity of your roof in serious damage. Wood rot begins breaking down the wood and leaves it vulnerable.

A home that has consistent roof leaks that haven't been fixed could have structural damage. If your home has structural damage, it could cost you tens of thousands and months of construction work.

The faster you get your leaks fixed, the less likely it is your home will develop and structural damage.

4. Fire hazard from water damage

Roof leaks can be hazardous, especially in older homes with old wiring because they could lead to a fire. Any exposed wires that come into contact with water in your attic or ceiling could spark and lead to a fire.

Electrical fires are extremely dangerous and can begin without notice. We recommend that people in older homes have their roofs evaluated for leaks and their wiring inspected to ensure that if a leak does develop, the likely hood of a fire starting is minimal.


The extreme winter conditions that we experience in Park City puts homes to the test. One of the most common issues that develop due to the ice and snow is roof leaks. Roof leaks might not seem like to severe of a problem, but they are, and they can be dangerous.

Roof leaks can also result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage if not fixed. The four biggest dangers of roof leaks are mold/mildew damage, structural damage, ceiling damage, & fire hazards. Getting your roof leak fixed quickly will help eliminate any extensive damage from occurring.

Randy Jimenez