5 Home Metal Siding Ideas & Inspiration


Over the past few years, metal siding installations have been on the rise.

Thanks to the advantages that metal has over wood and a style change in architecture, many homeowners have begun thinking about metal siding as an option.

Metal siding requires little to no maintenance or painting and is incredibly durable; lasting 50 years or more.

Let’s take a look at 3 different metal siding options for homeowners in Park City.


Vertical Wall Panels


Homeowners looking for a contemporary/industrious look are prime candidates for vertical metal siding. Vertical wall panels come in various styles that can each lend to different aesthetic styles. Above is an example of a standing seam vertical wall.

the vertical pattern that forms from standing seam metal siding can help break up home sections and add depth to accent walls.


Corrugated Panels


Homeowners looking for a more mountain rustic look or a traditional barn style look tend to love how corrugated metal siding looks.

Corrugated metal siding is available in many color and styles. Adding additional patination can make corrugated metal have a lot of character that stands out.

Unlike standing seam paneling, corrugated metal has exposed fasteners that can be seen of the surface.


Rustic With Exposed Clavos


Whether you are looking for a ranch-style getaway or adding a touch of character to any contemporary home, rustic wall panels with exposed clavos are the perfect match.

This unique combination ads separation to any feature and be the perfect accent on many homes.

Different finishes can be achieved with custom patination and distress.


Horizontal Wall Panels


Horizontal wall panels are incredibly versatile and look great on most homes. Horizontal wall panels have been one of the most in-demand products in Park City thanks in part to their versatility.

You can achieve a clean contemporary look or a more rustic industrial look by changing the panel size and finish.

Horizontal wall panels are perfect for accents, entrances, and tall vertical walls.


Metal Shingles


Metal shingles can add a unique look to any style of home in Park City. Metal shingles come in many different colors and can be customized with custom patination to get the look you desire.

Metal shingles like the ones pictured above are installed with a hook and lock system that conceals fasteners and gives results in a clean look.