What Heat Cable Performs the Best In Park City

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Installing heat cable is an excellent way for homeowners to eliminate ice dam buildups on their Park City homes.

Not all heat cable is made the same though, and your choice of heat cable will have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness and durability of your snow melt system.

In this article, we will explore what you need to look for to make sure that the best heat cable gets installed on your home. We will also review some familiar heat cable brands that you should avoid and overview brands that we recommend.


All though many types of heat cable can look the same, heat cable brands differ when it comes to product specifications. Different types of heat cable can be used for specific applications and lifespans can vary widely depending on the manufacturer.

Let’s take a look at some of the main differences that you need to pay attention to make sure you get the best solution for your home.

Constant Wattage Vs. Self Regulating Heat Cable

One of the most significant differences between heat cable is whether it is constant wattage or self-regulating. Constant wattage heat cable runs at 100% while it is turned on. That means that constant wattage heat cable is constantly drawing electricity.

Self-regulating heat cable only turns on when outdoor temperatures drop to below 40 degrees F. While self-regulating heat cable usually draws twice as much power when it is on when compared to constant wattage heat cable, it uses less electricity over the season.

Self-regulating heat cable can turn on and off as needed which means your cable isn’t always drawing electricity.

Warranty/Expected Lifespan

Another significant difference between heat cable brands is the product warranty that is offered. Heat cable warranties can range from 1 year to 10 years and can vary in what they cover.

A companies warranty is usually a good indicator of the expected lifespan of a product. We have found this to be especially true for heat cable.

The brands that offer one year or 2-year warranties, their products usually don’t last much longer than the stated warranty.

We recommend choosing brands that have 10-year product warranties and have a record of honoring their warranties.

Ideal Cable Uses

While all heat cable looks relatively similar, the way that heat cable is constructed varies depending on the application.

Some heat cable is built to be submerged in water where other heat cable is better suited for ice and snow.

You want to make sure that your heat cable is made for snow and ice if it is going to be on your roof.

If the wrong type of cable is installed, it could cause it to fail or not last very long.


Every year we install tens of thousands of feet of heat cable in Park City. We have inspected and replaced many failing systems in our 19 years in business and have learned what heat cable brands are reliable.

Suggested Brands

  • Raychem (rebranded as Nvent)

  • Proline


Both of these brands offer ten-year product warranties that they stand behind. Proline and Raychem both make commercial grade solutions which makes them more durable in our harsh winter climate. Additionally, Both Raychem and Proline only manufacture self-regulating heat cable.

Brands To Avoid

  • Easy Heat

  • Frost King

  • Wrap On


The main attraction to these brands is that they are cheap and are available at big box stores like Home Depot and that is the only positive about them.

We consistently replace these systems after only two or three years of operation due to cable failures. These brands only carry two-year product warranties and for a good reason; the product doesn’t last.

While it may seem like a cheap solution, you will end up paying more when you have to have your heat cable system replace in a couple of years.


Heat cable is a great way to prevent ice dams in Park City but not all heat cable is made the same. Choosing an installer that installs a quality brand of heat cable will make a significant difference in the effectiveness and durability of your system.

We suggest that homeowners only choose premium brands of heat cable like Raychem and Proline that carry 10-year product warranties.

Randy Jimenez