metal roofs

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Copper and Steel: On Top Roofing can provide you with a copper or steel standing seam roof that will provide function and beauty. Our standing seam is available in 12" or 16" wide panels. The snap-lock system provides excellent protection from water and wind and looks very sanitary with all installation fasteners concealed. All of our trim and accessory parts are custom made for each job. The trim parts are designed to mechanically lock into place which prevents water or ice from finding their way under seams or joints.  Whether your current design is a re-roof or new construction, we offer a full range of roof profiles, finishes, and architectural details to realize all your design objectives.  Our systems permit complex roof configuration and unlimited panel lengths from ridge to eave, without end laps or splicing, to ensure a crisp roof line and greater weather tightness.

We provide the highest quality metal roofs in Utah


copper roofs

One of the products we are known for at On-Top Roofing is our custom rolled, standing seam copper roof systems. We create these roofing systems on-site, completely customizing the cuts and copper sheets for each individual roof. We can also form radius standing seam panels. We pride ourselves on our high-quality workmanship, and our copper roofs come with locking valleys, locking drip metal, custom z bars, and transition metal. We want your new copper roof to be the last roof you ever have to purchase.

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Copper is naturally beautiful, offering a warm, shiny sheen that is visible from the street. We can install 16, 20, and 24 oz. copper and treat it in a wide variety of patinas in order to give each customer the look they are going for. We can make your copper look brand new or original to your building—along with thousands of gradations in between. Copper is such a beautiful roofing material that simply having a copper roof can increase your home’s resale value.


One of the best things about copper metal roofing in Utah is that it is incredibly environmentally friendly because it is easy to recycle. In fact, some copper roofing panels are made up of 75% recycled materials, which helps to keep more waste out of landfills. Copper roofs are also incredibly energy efficient because they reflect light away from your roof instead of absorbing it. This means that you and your family can enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home—without relying as heavily on your HVAC system and your city’s power grid.


Another reason that copper roofs are so environmentally friendly is the fact that they have an exceptional lifespan, lasting over 50 years with proper care and maintenance. Copper is naturally resistant to corrosion, fire, hail, and mildew. Also, since it is impervious to water damage and heats gently with the sun, copper roofing isn’t as likely to have problems with snow damage.


Copper roofing is incredibly lightweight, which puts less strain on your roof trusses. This means that your new copper roof won’t put as much stress on internal structures, which can help to preserve the structural integrity of your home. This feature is especially helpful for homeowners who live in climates that receive a lot of snow, since the added weight of snowpack can cause problems like roofing collapse if roofing materials are too heavy.


asphalt and slate shingles


For pitched roofs, asphalt shingles are among the most popular type of roofing product used in residential roofing. Asphalt shingles are a reliable roofing material that can provide a quality roof. Not only are they tough, but they come in a wide variety of colors and styles to provide you with aesthetics that you're happy with. On Top Roofing is prepared to offer you the best service for asphalt shingle roofs. You can learn more about asphalt shingle roofs below.


Asphalt shingles roofs are a type of roof that is comprised of shingles made from asphalt. Asphalt is a material that is made up of a mixture of gravel or sand with dark pitch. Asphalt shingles roofs are popular due to their simple installation and their inexpensive initial cost. The majority of asphalt shingles nowadays are made from a reinforced fiberglass mat that is covered with ceramic granules and adhesive asphalt.

Depending on the weight and type of asphalt shingles used in your roof, the roof's condition can last from 30 years to a lifetime. If you're looking to have your asphalt shingles roof last a lifetime, then you will want the premium asphalt shingles which are more wind resistant and generally heavier than standard asphalt shingles. The warranty provided by the manufacturer for asphalt shingles can last between 20 years to a lifetime depending on the type of shingle and the manufacturer.

Ultimately, regardless of what asphalt shingle product you choose, the installation process we use at On Top Roofing will meet all the necessary guidelines to handle severe weather conditions. You will always receive a quality product and have a quality job done when you partner up with On Top Roofing. In addition to asphalt shingles roof installation, we also do asphalt shingles roof repairs. Should you have any questions about asphalt shingles roofs or want to see what shingles we have available, please contact us today and make the necessary arrangements.


We install a variety of real and specially engineered composite slate shingles. Some of the products that we install are the Symphony Slate by Certainteed, Davinci Slate and Shake, Tamko Lamorite, Ecostar, and Inspire.

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single ply roofing


Single ply membrane is the most widely used roofing product being installed in the United States on flat and low slope roofs. Single ply membranes are available in many types of materials, including EPDM (rubber), PVC and TPO. Most single ply membrane roofs are easy to maintain and repair.  Up to a 20 year manufacturer's warranty is available.

If you are considering having single ply membrane installed on your home or commercial building, we would be happy to provide you with additional information and a free estimate