Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Chimney caps and shrouds

We custom design, fabricate, and install all types of chimney caps and shrouds in copper, zinc and other types of metal. All of our designs will help accent and beautify your chimney chase including our locking flat seam, snap lock standing seam, and a variety of other custom chimney shrouds. Chimney caps and shrouds will help to beautify your roof. On Top Roofing provides quality roofing services for your roof in Salt Lake and surrounding communites.

Having a full service sheet metal shop we will provide you a quick turn around, competitive pricing and custom creations. Bring your ideas or shop drawings into our metal shop for a free consultation.


Standing Seam

We roll form a variety of standing seam metal roofing profiles on site or at our shop. Available in 22 gauge, 24 gauge and 26 gauge steel, or 16 oz. and 20 oz. copper. Standing seam profiles include 1" snap lock, 1.5" mechanical seam(clip fastened), and 1.75" commercial grade snaplock (clip fastened). Our two stage mechanical panels are rated down to a 1/12 pitch. Drip edge and valley metal are bent in a way that allows the panel to be folded over, and hooked and locked into place without the use of exposed screws. With this method metal closures rather than foam closures are used for headwall flashing and ridge cap. Nonexposed fasteners and clips allow movement of panel during expansion and contraction avoiding damage and allowing snow to slide over surface with less friction and drag. This method is highly recommended because it gives your metal roof a longer lifespan and a cleaner look


Custom Box Gutter

We custom design and fabricate box gutter, downspouts, and hangers. In a variety of materials including: aluminum, color clad metal, rusted cold rolled steel, copper, and zinc.


Collector Boxes

We custom design and fabricate all types of raingutter collector boxes to control water drainage. They can be fabricated from a variety of materials including: aluminum, color clad metal, rusted cold rolled steel, copper, and zinc.


All Types of Flashing Detail

Operating from our own facility we have the ability to fabricate any type of flashing.

On Top Roofing offers a full service sheet metal shop. We provide customers with fabrication and installation of all sheet metal roofing components including, but not limited to, gutters, flashings, downspouts, and specialty fabrications.

Our expert fabricators are trained to operate a computerized, programmable 10' break, and a 14 gauge capacity 10' power shear to design and break even the most difficult flashing sheet metal project.

We welcome the opportunity to fabricate and install sheet metal on your latest project or home:

  • Step Flashing
  • Counter-flashing
  • Diverter Flashing
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Wall Flashing
  • Pipe Flashing
  • Angle Flashing
  • Valley Metal
  • Gravel Stop
  • Stone & Siding Flashing
  • Eave Drip
  • PRECISION custom orders, and more!