3 Common Mistakes Park City Homeowners Make When Getting a New Roof.


Every year hundreds of homeowners have their roof replaced in Park City. Choosing a high-quality roofing system for your Park City home is critical to ensuring that your home will be capable of withstanding the harsh winters that we experience.  

To help you make the best roofing decision possible, we will take a look at three common mistakes that Park City homeowners make when getting a new roof installed on their home.


The singles biggest mistake that we see homeowners in Park City make when getting a new roof installed is choosing a lower quality, and cheap roofing material. Often, homeowners will choose the most affordable option when choosing between roofing bids, but cheap materials end up costing homeowners more in the long term.

Cheap materials like 3-tab shingles are not made to withstand the weather conditions that we experience in Park City. Our harsh winters will cause cheap materials to wear quickly and begin to fail. 

In the right climate, three-tab shingles can be a decent roofing solution for people on a budget, but in Park City, it is a mistake. Cheap materials will need to be replaced far more often and will eventually end up costing more than choosing high-quality materials the first time.

Cheap underlayment materials are also common when more inexpensive roofing materials are chosen. Having cheap underlayment materials doesn’t keep your home as protected from water, snow, and ice, which is essential in Park City.


We have been in Park City for nearly 20 years now and seen roofing companies come and go. Another mistake that homeowners make when getting a new roof installed is choosing a company that hasn’t been around for some time and hasn’t been operating in Park City primarily.

The three biggest reasons that you want to choose a reputable local roofing company are: ensuring that you receive a reliable warranty, protecting your home properly, and having someone to turn to in case of emergencies.

Over the past 20 years, we have experienced people choosing to go with a newer roofing company only for that roofing company to be out of business a few years late when something on their roof fails or needs to be repaired.

Selecting an untested company can open you up to a lot of headaches in the future. This is especially true if you were promised a warranty. We have seen it often happen where homeowners were sold their roof with a workmanship warranty that can’t be redeemed because the company is out of business. 

Choosing a reputable local roofing company will ensure that you receive the best roofing solution.


Homeowners in Park City will often get multiple bids for their roofing project, but will sometimes overlook details of the roofing bid.

One of the biggest things homeowners compare when they get roofing bids is the price. While the price is important to compare to ensure you are paying a fair price, it is just as important to compare the scope of work, materials, and processes that will be used on your project.

Often, price differences in bids come down to better material choices and better installation practices. 

We have compared hundreds of roofing bids in Park City and have helped many homeowners properly compare between companies, and while the price is good to look at, it is far more critical to examine the scope of work.

The scope of work will let you know if you are getting the barebones or if your home is going to be appropriately roofed for Park City’s mountain climate.


Roofs in Park City are put to the ultimate test due to our unique mountain climate. Getting an excellent roofing system installed on your home is essential to ensure that you don’t face any issues in the winter.

We see Park City homeowners make a few common mistakes that should be avoided to make sure that your roof will last and protect your home.

The three most common mistakes are not accurately comparing bids, choosing cheap materials, and choosing new or not reputable companies.

If you avoid these three mistakes, you are much more likely to get a quality roof installed on your home.

Randy Jimenez