4 Most Important Aspects of A Quality Roof in Park City


The roof of a home is one of the single most important parts of any house. The roof of a home protects the rest of your home from the outside elements year-round. In Park City, roofs are put the ultimate test thanks to the heavy snowfall that we experience. Having a high-quality roof installed on your home is essential for any homeowner but especially homeowners in Park City.

Let's take a look at the five most important aspects of a high-quality roof.


Before shingles or metal are installed on your roof, an underlayment needs to be laid down on the deck of your roof. The underlayment is useful because it adds a protective layer above the wood decking that helps prevent wood rot and water penetrations. 

There are many brands of underlayment and methods for installation; some are better than others. Using high-quality underlayment in Park City is essential because of the constant freezing and thawing of water on the roof of a home. Proper underlayment will help prevent water from leaking into your house if it penetrates through the outside layer of the roof.  

The amount of underlayment used will also vary by company. For example, we use twice the amount of ice and water shield(a premium underlayment material) on Park City homes to ensure watertight seals in valleys and eaves.  

Getting a detailed description of what type of underlayment and how it will be installed is essential for anyone looking to have a new roof installed in Park City


The type of material and brand of material that you use on a roof will have one of the most significant impacts on the long term reliability of your roof. Choosing a high-quality material is essential if you want to be properly protected in Park City.

The biggest choice homeowners will typically make is whether to get a shingle or metal roof.

In terms of quality and durability, metal roofs are the best type of roof; metal roofs last longer, are more energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance. Not all metal roof are made equally, but a high quality standing seam metal roof will typically last homeowners a lifetime.

If you are going to go with shingles instead of metal choosing a quality laminated or architectural shingle is the best option in Park City.

Choosing a cheap shingle always ends in problems for homeowners in Park City.


Having good underlayment and roofing materials are essential to a quality roof, but you need a high-quality roofing contractor to put it all together. Roofing contractors will vary in their installation practices. For example, some companies install metal roofs with exposed fasteners, while others do standing seam installations with no exposed fasteners. 

There are different practices used by various roofing companies. Some companies install less ice and water shield than others, and some use fewer nails, or simply aren't highly skilled. Choosing the best roofing company available is going to ensure that your roof is installed correctly and made to withstand harsh weather.


Some of the most overlooked aspects of a home's roof are the valley, chimney, and metal details. While these areas typically make up a very small percentage of a home's roof, it is where roofs most often fail.

The attention to detail and roof design will vary by company but having a company that pays attention to the details is essential.

An example of a detail that will vary by company but is vital is valley metal. We have learned to use metal in all of the valleys of a home when installing a shingle roof. We do this because the snow and ice in Park City will penetrate through shingle to shingle connections in valleys. This can cause severe leaks since snow tends to build in valleys.

Hiring a company that is accustomed to working in Park City and knows what details are needed to ensure a good seal on your roof is essential.


A roof is one of the single most important parts of any home. In Park City, homes are put to the test because of our harsh winter, which makes having a high-quality roof even more critical. Not all roofs are made the same, and the quality will vary by company.

When deciding on a new roof, it is vital that homeowners choose a company that installs a high-quality underlayment, uses high quality materials, uses the best installation methods, and pays attention to all the details.

Paying attention to those four aspects of a new roof will help ensure that your home stays protected for decades to come.

Randy Jimenez