3 Key Reasons All Park City Roofing Bids Aren't the Same


With this years winter hitting Park City with more snow than we have seen in years, many homeowners are witnessing their old roofing systems fail.

With spring around the corner, many homeowners in Park City are going to start reaching out to roofing contractors for roofing bids. All roofing bids are not the same though.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons roofing bids and roofing systems vary in Park City.

Underlayment Material & Installation

Before a new roof is installed on a home, there is underlayment placed below a roof's shingles or metal. Roofing underlayment is a water-resistant or waterproof barrier material that is installed directly onto your roof deck.

There are many different types and brands of underlayment, and as you can imagine, some are better than others.

The underlayment material is incredibly vital in Park City because winter demands so much from roofing systems. Having high-quality underlayment installed below your roof can prevent leaks from happening even if some water manages to penetrate the top material.

Roofing Material Differences

From the outside, all roofs may seem the same, but in reality, roofing materials vary greatly. Different types of shingles, metal, synthetic, and TPO will affect the price and overall quality of a roof.

Shingles tend to have the most variety when it comes to quality. Different shingles will have more or less lamination, tar, and layers. Three tab shingles are the cheapest shingle option with architectural shingles being a more premium roofing shingle.

In Park City, three tab roofing shingles break down very quickly and don’t do a great job of protecting homes during the winter. These types of shingles are typically installed in warmer areas with less severe weather.

The material differences between companies will have a significant effect on the total price of the roof. When comparing bids, make sure to examine the quality of roofing materials used between companies.

Installation Process & Details

Another significant variation that will affect the overall price of your roof is the installation process. Different installation practices affect the quality of a roof. For example, with metal roofs, you can have exposed fastener roofs or standing seam roof with no exposes fasteners.

The installation process for a standing seam metal roof is more intensive but provides a more watertight roofing surface.

With shingle roofs, the process used in valleys and the metal details used around the roof will vary by company. A high-quality roof will have metal valleys to protect one of the most vulnerable locations on a roof.

Lower quality roofing companies don’t use metal in valleys and make the shingles join at the transition. While this might work in warm climates, in Park City, this method makes valleys extremely vulnerable to leaks.

Paying attention to the details and installation practices that will be used on your roof will give your roofing bids clarity and will help you make the best decision.


The price of a roofing bid in Park City usually doesn’t tell you the whole picture. To get an accurate understanding of what roofing system will work best for your home, you want to compare the underlayment materials, roofing materials used, and the roofing details.

With winters that test homes and push their roofs to their limits, it is a smart decision to choose the roof that is made to withstand harsh conditions and uses the correct materials for Park City’s unique mountain climate.

Randy Jimenez