3 Reasons Your Metal Roof Coating Matters


Investing in a metal roof for your Park City home is a great way to beautify your home, increase its value, reduce your environmental impact, and provide a lifetime of protection.

Choosing a quality metal roof is essential to maximizing the value for homeowners. One of the most important elements of a quality metal roof is the finish and type of coating that is applied.

The coating and finish protect the surface of the metal from the elements and is crucial to the longevity of the metal.

Let's take a look at 3 reasons why the coating on a metal roof matters for Park City homeowners.


One aspect of a metal roof that is affected by the coating and finish of your roof is the energy efficiency.

Metal roofs are more efficient than asphalt roofs because they absorb and retain less heat; the finish impacts how effective a metal roof will reflect heat. Some finishes offer higher levels of heat reflection that many manufacturers offer.

Choosing a coating that has a high heat reflection index will help to keep your home cooler and reduce the amount of energy required to cool your home.

In the past, one of the only ways to achieve high heat reflection was by choosing lighter colors. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore.

Coatings designed with heat reflective pigments that make it possible to incorporate in high reflectivity into many colors.


Choosing your roofs color is a big decision for the way it will impact your home’s style and beauty. Color also plays a crucial role in how long your roof will maintain it’s like new appearance.

There are two main types of coating used in the metal roofing industry: polyester & PVDF.

The licensors of PVDF coatings, like Kynar, have done a great job of ensuring that their coatings have superior chalk and fade resistance. They do this by incorporating inorganic ceramic pigments to their coatings.

By incorporating ceramic pigments, PVDF coatings become more UV resistant and durable.

Additionally, lighter colors and more “earthy” colors such as browns and grays can be expected to perform better than bright colors long term.


The most important reasons that the coating on a metal roof matters is because the coating will have a significant impact on the long term durability of a metal roof.

There are currently two types of chemicals used in roofing coating, the respected industry leader polyvinylidene-fluoride finishes(PVDF) & Polyester.

PVDF finishes are known for their fade and chalk resistance and have become known for their longevity. There is currently no type of finish that will out-perform the PVDF coatings.

PVDF coatings also have a tighter molecular bond that provides excellent dirt and mildew resistance.

Polyester coatings have come a long way offering super, siliconized and modified coatings that perform better than standard polyester coatings, but they still don’t perform to the standard of PVDF coatings.

Accelerated testing shows a marked decline in performance after 10 or more years of aging, which is in stark contrast to PVDF coatings(Metal Roofing Systems).


One of the crucial element of a high-quality metal roof is the coating that is applied to the metal. There are various finishes available, but the highest quality finish is a PVDF finish by Kynar or Hylar.

By choosing a Kynar or Hylar finish for your roof, you ensure that your metal roof will last longer, won't fade as quickly, and will improve the overall efficiency of your home.

Randy Jimenez