3 Reasons Standing Seam Metal Roofs Are Best in Park City


Metal roofs are the best roofing option for most homes in Park City with pitched roofs. Metal roofs outlast shingles, help save on energy, and require little maintenance.

There are different types of metal roofs and in this article we are going to explore why standing seam metal roofs are the best metal roof option for Park City homeowners.

Extended Lifespan

One of the key benefits of metal roofs is that they are constructed to last 50 years or longer. The lifespan of a metal roof is 2 to 5 times as long as shingle roofs depending on the shingle quality and manufacturer.

Standing seam metal roofs are built to be even more durable than standard metal roofs because of the unique installation process.

With traditional metal roofs, sheets of metal are separately fastened to a homes roof deck using only screws.

Standing seam metal roofs on the other use a hook and lock mechanism to join the separate pieces of metal along a homes roof creating what is essentially one big piece of metal.

This hook and lock system is designed to create a more water tight bond between panels and make leaks and minor failures much less likely.

No Exposed Fasteners = Better Durability

The installation process of standing seam metal roofs makes it possible to have no exposed fasteners on the surface of a roof.

Unlike conventional metal roofs that are penetrated by screws on the surface of the roof, standing seam metal roofs hide all fasteners underneath the seams.

The hook and lock installation system allows screws to be hidden underneath a layer of metal because every panels is folded over to join each panel.

The seam that is created by folding two pieces of metal together covers up the screws that were used to fasten the metal to your roof deck.

Having screws hidden beneath a layers of folded metal protects the penetration holes and makes the overall roof design more effective.

Clean Aesthetic

In addition to being a superior product in terms of durability and reliability, standing seam metal roofs also offer a superior aesthetic to conventional metal roofs.

Because standing seam roofs have no exposed fastener they have a much cleaner look to them. There are never any screws unaligned or misplaced.

Standing seam metal roofs are also offered with various striation patterns, panels width, and panel details that give you all of the options necessary to match the roof with your home.


A standing seam metal roofs is the best roofing option available for most Park City homeowners. Standing seam metal roof have three main advantages over traditional roofs: extended lifespans, no exposed fasteners, and a clean aesthetic.

If you are investing in a metal roof for your home, make sure to go with a standing seam metal roof. It is superior installation technique and will outlast conventional metal roofs.

Randy Jimenez