3 Reasons to Never Install 3 Tab Roofing Shingles in Park City


With many homeowners beginning to get bids for summer roofing projects, it is critical that homeowners in Park City don’t go with a bid that details three tab roofing shingles being installed on a home.

Choosing a three tab shingle roof for your Park City home will end up causing you more problems.

In this article, we will look at three main reasons why three tab roofing shingles should be avoided in Park City.

3 Tab Shingles Are Not Made To Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Three tab shingles are typically made with 50% less material than laminated shingles, which results in them being lighter and weaker than laminated shingles.

In areas like Park City that average over 400 inches of snowfall yearly, three tab shingles don’t have the necessary material to prevent roofing failures.

Generally, the more material and the more substantial a shingle is, the better it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Three tab shingles are too thin to withstand the Park City winters. They will typically begin to fail after a few years of repeated snowfall and freeze/thaw cycles. Our extreme winters also have an impact on the lifespan of 3 tab shingles.

3 Tab Shingles Wear Out Quickly In Park City

As was stated above, Park City’s winters put a lot of strain on a roof. The constant snow, ice, and thaw/freeze cycles cause accelerated wear on all roofs in the area.

With three tab roofs, this extra wear is more considerable due to the reduced materials used.

On any shingle roof, the asphalt and top layers start to wear down with time, snow and ice cause more material to fall off a roof, which is what caused the accelerated wear.

Laminated shingles are made with enough material that they can withstand wear without failing, but because three-tab shingles are made with such little material, this accelerated wear will lead to roofing failures.

We have seen three tab shingle roofs in Park City fail after just two years of being installed and needing to be replaced.

Cost More Long Term

Because roofs in Park City have to withstand accelerated wear, three tab shingle roofs will end up costing you more long term as you will need to be continually replacing them.

3 Tab shingles are typically cheaper to install up front, but in the long run, they aren’t worth it in Park City.


Park City homeowners who are looking into having a new roof installed on their home should never get a basic three tab shingle roof installed on their home because the short term “savings” are outweighed by the long term costs.

Three tab shingles are not made to withstand Park City’s harsh winters which are very demanding on the roof of a home.

Three tab shingles are made with less protective material that will wear and fail under constant harsh weather.

Randy Jimenez