3 Reasons To Get Rooftop Snow Removal


With winter in full effect and a few good snow storms in the past couple of months, we see many homes in Park City accumulating snow on their roofs.

Having too much snow accumulated on your roof can cause safety and roofing issues. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons that Park City homeowners should consider rooftop snow removal.

1. Personal, Family, & Guest Safety

When a lot of snow accumulated on your homes roof, it becomes dangerous and can be deadly. All though it may not seem like much, the snow on your roof weighs thousands of pounds.

Having a lot of snow accumulated on your roof can cause rooftop avalanches that leave people in harm's way. If a rooftop avalanche hits someone, it can be deadly.

Safety is the first and most important reason why we recommend that homeowners get rooftop snow removal.

Rooftop avalanches are unpredictable and can occur at any moment. If you have extensive snow accumulating on your roof, we recommend getting it removed.

2. Helps Prevent Ice Dams

If your home is susceptible to ice dams, having a lot of snow accumulate on your roof is one of the worst things that you can allow to happen. After big storms, we get dozens of calls of major ice dams forming on people roofs who did not get the snow removed promptly after a storm hits.

By removing the snow from your roof after snow storms, you eliminate the possibility of significant ice dams forming. Because ice dams form from the thawing and freezing of snow on your roof, once the snow is removed you are unlikely to get ice dams.

3. Helps Prevent Leaks

Another major reason to get rooftop snow removal is that it can help prevent roof leaks. With a lot of snow sitting on the roof of a home for an extended period, the roofing system becomes more susceptible to leaks.

This is especially true for old roofs or roofs that were not engineered to withstand Park City’s harsh winters. Water can begin to find its way into cracks and crevices in a roofing system, and with feet of snow accumulated on a roof, this can spell a disaster.

If you have an older roof or are unsure about your roofing system, getting snow removal after snowstorms can help prevent unnecessary damage to your home.


Living in Park City brings with it challenges for homeowners and builders. With this winter in full effect and a few snow storms leaving significant snowfall, we see homes with feet of snow on their roofs.

Having a lot of snow on your roof can be dangerous and could lead to serious injury. We recommend getting rooftop snow removal to help stay safe, prevent ice dams, and avoid major leaks.

Randy Jimenez