Why You Shouldn't Install Gutter Without Heat Cable in Park City


Every year we inspect and install thousands of feet of gutter in Park City. Over the past 19 years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.

When a Park City homeowner gets gutter installed, we always recommend they also install heat cable in their gutter and downspouts. This can help eliminate gutter issues that we regularly see in Park City.

Let’s take a look at why you don’t want to install gutter without heat cable in Park City.

Winter Gutter Issues

With Park City receiving a few feet of snowfall most years, gutter systems are a great way to direct snowmelt and prevent icicles from forming around your home.

Gutter systems in Park City and other mountainous areas with similar climates face the issue of freezing & getting backed up. While snow melts off of your roof and into your gutter, it can freeze inside of your gutter and downspout when the temperatures drop at night.

Having more and more ice form inside of your gutters can not only make them ineffective in redirecting snowmelt to the ground, but it can also put gutter systems at risk of been torn off of a home.

If enough ice forms from an ice dam in your gutter system and the ice dam falls, it can rip the gutter from your home.

Ice can also clog up your downspout and cause significant ice buildups at the end of your downspout.

Solving Winter Gutter Issues

When installing a gutter system on your home in Park City, especially in higher elevation areas we recommend homeowner get heat cable installed in their gutter system and downspout. Having heat cable the runs inside of your gutter prevents ice buildup and gutter backups.

Because our self-regulating heat cable turns up to its peak temperature when it falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, ice is never allowed to form.

What If There Is Already Ice Built Up In Your Gutter?

If you currently have ice built up in your gutter, you can have it removed with an ice steamer. Using an ice steamer assures that your gutter system won't get damaged.

Once the steamer eliminates the ice from your gutter, getting heat cable installed inside of your gutter is a more permanent solution to consider.


In warmer areas, homeowners don’t face the same problems that Park City homeowners do. Having your gutters freeze and get clogged up is a problem that we see many Park City homeowners face.

We recommend that homeowners in Park City always install heat cable in their gutter to prevent ice from forming and extend the life of their gutter system.

If your gutter system already has ice built up, get your gutters cleared out with an ice steamer and then install heat cable to prevent the issue from returning.

Randy Jimenez